ECO Clean Technology


ECO Car Wash uses only bio-degradable super cleaners to spray your car down prior to running it through our wash system. Once your car is sprayed, it is run through our computer controlled water management system using only bio-degradable, acid free shampoos and polishes. Frequent washing with our special products will help protect your car from acid rain, sun exposure, road salts & grime. We believe in protecting our environment by using only biodegradable soaps and polishes and recycling 100% of our water.

Spray Gun Cleaning


Prior to sending your vehicle through our computer controlled wash system, our expert staff of car wash professionals gives you that extra touch. Our staff gently spray your vehicle with ECO’s prep cleansing solution.

Soap Foaming Cleaner


This high foaming cleaner is designed to gently break down and lift dirt and road grime. This is a bio-degradable, non-abrasive super cleaner.

Super Soft Cloth


Studies show that hand washing your car can produce so many scratches on a cars finish they cannot be counted. At ECO, our 100% soft cloth is the gentlest and most effective system around and treats your vehicle’s finish with tender loving care.

Wheel and Tire Cleaner


The foaming wheel applicator is a highly concentrated cleaner and de-greaser. This foaming applicator covers 100% of your wheel and tire, ensuring a clean and bright result.

Wheel Clean Advanced


This ultimate wheel protection provides advanced brake dust repellency while being safe for all wheel finishes. Like all of our ECO products it is non-caustic and non-acidic and leaves your wheels with a superior shine you can be proud of.

Double Polish


This specially formulated super cleaner and polish is a non-abrasive two step cleaning process. It is designed to deep clean, removing minor surface imperfections, sealing your vehicles finish and providing an extra shine to your car! This product is not a wax, and will not film your glass.

Under Carriage Flush W / Rust – Inhibitor


ECO Car Wash values a clean car just like you do. Our Under Carriage Flush with Rust-Inhibitor cleans and protects the difficult to reach underbody of your vehicle. You have a large investment in your automobile, and our two step process ensures the highest level of protection.

Step One flushes out damaging salts, oils, road grime, and other debris that eat away at the vehicle’s underbody. At ECO, dirt and grime have no place to hide. Step Two applies our Rust-Inhibitor that leaves an invisible barrier that protects your vehicle’s underbody.

If you’re particular about your vehicles care and maintenance, then follow the ECO approved advice of all new car manuals: “Do not neglect the underbody of your vehicle.”

Clear Coat Protectant


This specially formulated two step process is designed to protect 100% of your vehicle’s finish. It also adds depth and gloss to your vehicle’s finish. This protectant creates a barrier between the vehicle’s surface and harmful elements such as acid rain, sun exposure, insect residue, bird droppings and other harmful elements that can cause permanent damage. This protective sealant safeguards your investment while enhancing the lustrous finish for up to 30 days.

Drying Process


We give our customers back their valuable time. Our state of the art drying system is the fastest and most powerful in the car washing industry. At no extra charge, ECO dries your car so you don’t have to!

Clean Car Exit


In and out in less than three minutes! Enjoy your sparkling clean and protected car while feeling good about your environmental impact.